Isabella Minor Dawn Porch Awning
Very popular awning for 2. Superb quality from Denmark, made of breathable Isacryl material with a lightweight Carbon X fibreglass frame.
Entrance door on both sides.
Width 260 cm x depth 200cm.
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Isabella Universal Dawn 360
Thanks to their great strength and stability, the Universal 360 Dawn porch can be put up in all weather conditions – all year round. Two support poles press the sewn-in foam pads securely against the side of the caravan, while click profiles hold the sides directly on the support pole for a perfect seal.

There are doors in both sides and large windows across the front, giving a good view. The strong Zinox steel frame ensures good stability. If to be used as a year-round awning, we recommend the fitting of the internal roof (supplied). The roof construction provides unobstructed opening of the caravan door.

Supplied as standard with: Collage Sand curtains, veranda pole, draught skirt, wheel arch cover, FixOn, awning bag, pole and peg bags including peg remover.

Colour available - Coal
Width 380cm, Depth 230cm
Isabella Magnum Flint 340 awning
The Magnum 340 Flint is a touring-friendly porch, which is quick to put up when you’re on the go.

The front and side panels can be folded down/removed and, together with two mosquito net sides, offer a wealth of ventilation options.

Comes as standard with: Curtains, wheel arch cover, draught skirt, side veranda pole, FixOn, awning bag, pole and peg bags including peg remover.

Available in Steel-Grey and Granite-Steel.

Width 340cm, Depth 250cm
Isabella Ventura Air Trinus W400
Travel with air is both simple, spacious and fast in a Ventura Air Trinus W400. Due to the amazing light panels in the roof and spacious living area the Ventura Air Trinus W400 is the perfect travel air porch for the whole family.

Well-known Isabella materials and unique features creates the best posible outdoor adventure. The draught excluder Air tube connects the porch to the caravan effortlessly and the small front canopy creates a very spacious feel to the Ventura Air Trinus. Support poles and advanced air system make the Ventura Air Trinus very stable and reliable as your true travel companion.

Width 400cm, Depth 260cm
Isabella Ventura Air Vivo W300
Compact and smart air awning porch for caravans, motorhomes and vans.

Ventura Air Vivo W300 is extremely easy to set up and can very easily be transformed into an open canopy to create shading during your sunny adventures. The draught excluder with air tube secures a perfect fit against the caravan and the fitted two different diameter beading makes it suitable for both caravans, motorhomes and vans. Sewn in curtains on the sides, wide open front/sides and easy set up makes you ready for vacationing almost instantly when having a Ventura Air Vivo W300 air porch.

Width 300cm, Depth 260cm.
Isabella Air Cito W350
Elegant and curved caravan porch with great light influx. Due to big windows and double light panels in the roof the Cito W350 is very bright and spacious.
When travelling with the Cito W350 you get a safe and reliable travel companion. The unique Draught excluder air tube ensures a tight fit againist the caravan. Double beading makes it possible for the Cito W350 to be attached on both caravans and wind-out canopies on motorhomes.
The unique features in the Cito W350 model give you the best possible outdoor experience
• An Air tube along the side of the caravan stops draught and connects the porch completely to the caravan
• Double light panels in roof
• Suitable for both caravans and motorhomes
Width 350cm, Depth 260 cm

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